Friday, January 06, 2006

Master Bedroom Cornices

This is the new cornice for the small window in the master bedroom. The large one is waiting patiently in the shop for me get it upholstered. (The project for today!) It will be twice as long as this one...approx. 92 inches. The fabric on these is very soft and shiny and as a result requires a large piece of felt fabric placed between it and the the batting causes dimpling in the fabric.
Of course, everything has to happen at once around here... Because of the drought happening this past year, we had a very large settlement crack in our outside wall in the master bedroom. The carpenter has been here fixing that and installing the attic stairs (and removing the attic fan from the hall) this week. Sooo... things are as usual...everything happening at once with some things having to wait until another is finished. Such is the case with hanging the cornices...

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