Friday, January 27, 2006

** Sigh !! **

Well, we got the call yesterday afternoon that we've been been waiting for... Our son called from the airport and he is on his way back for his 3rd tour in Iraq. He is a Marine Staff Sergeant and while we are sighing about his return (again) over there, he seems to feel that all the effort is worth it. He will be returning to Al Asad and says he's not sure, but current plans are for their return to the states around March of next year.
When I asked if there was anything at all that was needed, he stated that he had everything (and then some) that he needed. He said it would be around 30 degrees when they get there, but they have all the warm clothes, scarves etc that will be needed. Sooo... I have decided to send stationary and stamps...grin He says he's not sure that would work as far as getting him to write home... but that we could give it a try..grin He chuckled... I heard a deep voice yelling in the background...he said bye...


Amanda said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your son. My husband returned from Takrit in November, so I have been there. Thank God for all of our service men and women.

Linda_S. said...

Thank you Amanda8 for you kind words. It's always such a happy time when they return home. And thanks for stopping by.