Monday, January 16, 2006

"Lucid Love Affair"

When I finished binding my book, I sat for a day wondering what to put in it. Then it hit me that there is a lot of talent in the family...hmmm. So I popped off a note to Aunt Edna and Aunt Betty. They both write poetry and their husband's write poetry and songs. Aunt Edna sent this song to me that Uncle Bobby wrote several years ago just after the arrival of their first cockatiel. They called it "Squirt".
Your Lucid Love Affair

When I left for work this early morning
I couldn't help but feel there's something wrong.
You were runnin' around and lookin' out the window
And couldn't hardly wait 'til I was gone.

So I slipped around and came back up in secret,
To spy upon your lucid love affair
I turned around and came up to the window
And this is what I heard when I got there:

"Squirt, you know I truly love you,
You're the sweetest little bird I ever knew.
But you know that Bobby's got a birthday,
And there's a lot of things we need to do."

"We'll bake a cake and do some fixin',
We'll decorate the room with cheer,
We'll set some plates and light some candles,
He'll be surprised when he gets here!"

You know I wouldn't take a fortune,
For the fact that I was there...
But I'll always feel a little guilty,
For spying on your lucid love affair.

-Bobby J. Ingram
I'm sure this song will be prominent in my book! grin

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